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About Us

Soundwell Academy has moved to a Permanent build in 2021. The pupil numbers will increase over 3 years to 136. Pupil will range in age from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5. 

Soundwell is a specialist Academy for young people with additional needs principally in the areas of Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH), Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Speech Language and Communication (SLCN) and Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). All pupils at Soundwell will have an Education and Care Plan.


Our Ethos supports this side of the Soundwell Academy  curriculum:

“All Different, All Equal, All Achieving Together”

Learning about ourselves and how we can successfully fit into the broader contexts of school, family, community, nation and the world at large as we learn moral values and how to meet our own needs in balance with the needs of those around us. 


Our Values as an Academy support this strand of how we learn:

Include, Respect, Nurture, Promote and Innovate. We believe through these Values we can support pupils to make the best progress and get ready for adulthood. For more details please see our Core Values tab.

In September 2021, we moved into a new purpose built site that will have state of the art facilities. The pupils will have access to spacious classrooms, sensory rooms and vocational areas. Pupils will have opportunities to gain qualifications in these areas and use the experience to support them gain life experience and support them into adulthood. 

We will be working with a range of Professionals to support the pupils. This will include Speech and Language, Educational Psychologists, CAMHS and Engagement works. If you would like more details about how we will be working these professionals please contact us.