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Core Values

Learn@ MAT

'All different,   All equal,   All achieving together’

We believe in our core values of Include, Respect, Nurture, Promote and Innovate. These are used to inform our practice and our policies. 

Include – All pupils will be treated equally and feel they are included in Academy life. 

Respect – We will create a culture where Pupils will feel respected, respect others and respect the environment. 

Nurture – We will nurture the whole person - social, emotional and personal development is as important as academic and cogitative development. Learning is made relevant from where the young person is at that point in their lives/ in their stage of development. 

Promote – We will promote the pupils voice. Become specialist in SEMH and SLCN and promote our knowledge. Promote the voices of the family.  

Innovate – We will be innovative in curriculum design and creating opportunities for engagement for the pupils. We are going to be brave about our decision and learn from our mistakes.