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Pathways to Adulthood

The Four Pathways:

  1. Employment, education and training

Pupils are supported to achieve Entry Level, GCSE or Functional Skills qualifications in up to five subjects at the end of KS4 to enable them to move on to their next steps towards employment. In KS4, pupils will be offered opportunities to visit different workplaces relevant to their interests. They are also able to take vocational qualifications in a range of subjects. From KS3 onwards, all classes run enterprise projects to enable pupils to develop the necessary skills to access work.

  1. Independent living

Life skills form a core part of the curriculum throughout the school. Pupils are able to develop skills around independent travel on foot and public transport, handling money, making financial decisions and budgeting. Pupils learn basic house management skills such as food shopping, cleaning and laundry. All classes have access to the cooking room once a week for at least 3 terms of the year.

  1. Friends, relationships and community

Pupils are supported throughout the day during unstructured times and also during SALT and social skills sessions to develop the skills they need to form positive relationships and friendships with their peers. Classes regularly access the local community as part of their learning and have opportunities to practise the skills they have developed to be able to access hobbies, clubs and other leisure opportunities according to their interests. It is our aim that all pupils leave us able to feel connected to, contributing to and valued by their local communities.

  1. Health

Pupils at Soundwell have daily opportunities to develop their physical and mental health. As well as PE sessions, every class has weekly outdoor education lessons and we have several LFs and HLLFs additional to class staff with sports specialisms to lead 1:1 and small group interventions. The Zones of Regulation curriculum is embedded across the school during the daily morning wellbeing sessions. Pupils are explicitly taught to understand how their emotions drive their behaviour along with strategies to help them regulate.