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Maths is taught for 4 lessons a week across all age groups. In Maths at KS1, KS2 and KS3 pupils follow the White Rose Maths curriculum which aims to develop deep understanding, confidence and competence in Maths working towards mastery of the subject. Pupils cover topics on Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics, building on prior learning, ready for their progression to KS4. There are regular opportunities for pupils to develop and apply practical skills learned in Maths in other areas of the curriculum. For example, when learning about money, pupils will learn to budget and/or go shopping. When learning about measurement, Maths lessons will be linked to cooking lessons.   


English is taught for 4 lessons a week across all age groups. In English at all stages, pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to develop their confidence, independence and ability in all areas of literacy. Each unit is planned to ensure coverage of a wide variety of genres allowing for pupils to experience a range of text types through reading, writing and speaking and listening opportunities. At Soundwell Academy we aim to use rich and varied texts to help pupils develop their vocabulary, word and sentence level understanding, communication and reading skills and develop a love of reading. Throughout each unit, a focus on communication and interaction skills as well as embedding the key literacy skills of writing and reading is paramount.  


At KS2 and KS3 we encourage the use of IT where possible, so that pupils can word process their work or carry out research.  We also help our young people develop their spoken communication by encouraging discussion in class, with the aim of becoming more confident and being ready to take part in more formal assessments in KS4.  


Throughout all stages, assessments are in place to identify gaps in learning and fundamental skills. This includes half termly phonics assessments bi-annual reading and spelling age assessments. 


Phonics, Reading and Vocabulary (PRV)

Each class has 4 PRV sessions a week, which may be divided up into shorter sessions across a day. At Soundwell Academy we have reading areas in our Primary classes. It is our aim to provide an environment where pupils engage in and enjoy reading. Soundwell Academy has adopted the Read, Write Inc. (RWI) phonics and fresh start programme to support pupils develop the phonetic skills in order to be able to decode, as well as a word-aware approach to support the learning of high frequency words. Pupils’ vocabulary is developed with the introduction of 4 new words each week which pupils learn to understand, spell and use in a variety of contexts.    


At Soundwell Academy, wellbeing amongst both pupils and staff is a priority. We aim to provide a curriculum that is enriching to both young people and staff’s social and emotional development. We aim to provide a curriculum that will take into consideration pupil’s holistic needs to help them develop greater awareness of themselves in relation to their health, their wellbeing, their community and their values. In line with our trauma-responsive approach, pupils at Soundwell Academy begin each day with a 30-minute wellbeing session completing individual, small group or whole class activities designed to help them progress towards their individual SEMH targets. This also enables them to feel safe, regulated and connected at the start of their learning each day.


An annual plan of significant dates in the religious and cultural calendar ensures that there is a focus, through assemblies and PSHCE lessons on important cultural and religious festivals and commemorative days. Health, Sex and relationships will be covered with parental consent for certain aspects of delivery. See PSHCE policy for further information.  



The PE curriculum offers a broad and balanced scheme of work encompassing individual skills, health and fitness and team work. PE is taught for 2 hours a week at all key stages.  The learning will be enhanced by the Primary sports premium. Where appropriate, Key Stage 2 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons and their ability will be recorded.  Pupils will also be given opportunities to attend the Local Leisure centre for sports-based activities.

At Key Stage 3 pupils will follow the long-term plan and focus on specific skills in each sport. Pupils have the opportunity to peer assess and review their own performance. Pupils have opportunities to mentor younger pupils and develop emerging leadership skills where appropriate.

Pupils across the school will have the opportunity to do a weekly sports skills session with the Bristol Bears as well as outdoor education lessons.


Other Subjects  


Science provides an excellent vehicle for looking at the world, building upon each pupil's experiences in everyday life. We hope to contribute towards widening pupils’ horizons and their understanding of how things work.   Pupils’ scientific knowledge will be developed using a skills-based approach through which we want them to expand their curiosity and awareness and develop their ability to follow clear processes and instructions accurately. This will prepare pupils well for future employment opportunities in Bristol’s production and manufacturing sectors.



All pupils at Soundwell have weekly cooking lessons to enable them to develop this essential life skill. They begin by learning about basic kitchen safety and hygiene and then learn how to prepare simple snacks and meals, according to pupils’ tastes, interests and abilities. Pupils also learn to shop for food online and in a supermarket, including budgeting and using money.



Soundwell Academy uses the Talkboost programme to assess and set Speech and Language targets for pupils, including social and communication skills. All classes have small-group weekly interventions from the SALT practitioner with additional 1:1 or 1:2 support for pupils identified as needing additional support.


Religious Education (RE) 

In RE we follow the guidelines set by Bristol City Council for both Key Stage 2 and 3. We aim to explore the key beliefs of different religions and develop respect and understanding for other religions, cultures and viewpoints.  

Assemblies can be used to reflect on our own and others experiences. These assemblies will support us to focus on our achievements and to develop a sense of self, community and belonging.   

As part of RE we will reflect on Mystery and Wonder, diversity, respect and acceptance.  Mindfulness is now a key part of Religious Education and to support pupils with the understanding of this our ‘check in’ activity in RE will be a mindfulness activity.  



ICT and computing at Soundwell Academy is embedded across other subjects in the curriculum to enable pupils to develop proficiency in a range of applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. Pupils are also taught how to use emails, share documents online and develop functional skills, such as online shopping. Managing privacy and staying safe online are key parts of the PSHCE curriculum.



Within art pupils are encouraged to explore a range of materials and artists. This includes developing work around abstract, sculptural, photography, historical and cultural elements within art, to enhance their creativity and understanding of the world around them and to provide opportunities for creative self-expression.


Enterprise/Life Skills

All classes KS3 and above are encouraged to carry out at least one enterprise project per year to enable them to develop vocational skills such as customer service, ICT, marketing, handling money, teamwork and entrepreneurship. Throughout the enterprise lessons, pupils are encouraged to take on increasing responsibility for evaluating and developing the projects themselves with reducing staff support. These projects may also form part of the LfL curriculum (see below). Monies earned are used to fund class trips decided on by the pupils themselves. In KS2, pupils focus on developing the requisite communication, teamwork and money skills to enable them to participate in and run enterprise projects.


Learning for Life (LfL)

At Soundwell Academy, we recognise that many pupils struggle to access classroom learning due a range of SEMH needs and anxiety from negative experiences in previous settings. Similarly, pupils may have a range of strengths such as sport, music, emerging leadership skills, practical skills, which can be better developed outside a normal classroom setting. For these pupils, the HLLF team, in close consultation with the Deputy Headteacher, run the LfL curriculum. Pupils spend part of the day out of their main class completing activities which enable them to develop skills from the 4 Pathways to Adulthood (see above). For example, a Sports Mentoring project promotes the development of vocational skills towards a viable career path; teamwork; empathy; social skills; community inclusion; designing, delivering and evaluating a project; physical and mental health benefits of sport. Projects are tailored to pupils’ strengths, needs and interests and designed to enable them to progress in their SEMH Prisum targets.



The curriculum is enriched by educational trips and visits, local community links and opportunities within the timetable to engage with new experiences for example: Outdoor education, music workshops and educational visits. 



Primary pupils will be entered for public examinations where appropriate. Learning outcomes for core subjects in Key Stage 4 and 5 will be accredited via either Functional Skills, Entry Level or GCSEs.  Additionally, pupils in Key Stages 4 and 5 will be able to take a range of ‘options’ which are at BTEC, GCSE or IMI level.